My Story

Pat McGuire is a singer/songwriter, producer and sound designer currently living in Athens, Greece. Born in New York, he moved to Galway, Ireland around 2004 after gaining his Irish citizenship. 

For over 30 years he has been writing and performing original music and been involved in many other projects, most notably as a member of “Paddy A Go-Go” (A hip-hop/Irish traditional music co-operative out of NY) and as a touring member of “The Eileen Ivers Band” as a vocalist. He has two studio albums entitled “Big Brown Sofa” and “Love Songs for Astronauts”. TV appearances include “Late Night with Conan O’Brian”, RTE’s “Kenny Live” and he wrote and produced soundtrack music for the Oxygen Channel. On the big screen, two songs from “Big Brown Sofa” (and a cameo appearance) were included in the John Shea directed film “Southie” as well as a performance of the Pete Seeger classic anti-war ballad “Where Have All the Flowers Gone” for the closing credits of director Terry George’s  HBO production of “A Bright Shining Lie”. His most recent works include two solo albums entitled “Hunger is Good Sauce Parts I and II” and he is a founding member and songwriter for the international music collective “Samsonite Gypsies” who released their self-titled debut album in November, 2018 and a follow up second album in June, 2021. From 2020 until now (Covid years) McGuire continues to release his own singles with his most recent, a collaboration with Victor Moore titled "Rounder" just released in in July, 2022 as well as a series of "Live Gig" YouTube monthly performances that began in January 2022. Also, being a keen student of Production and Mixing for over 15 years now, his list of production credits for other artists outside of his own work is beginning to grow steadily.