"Hunger Is Good Sauce Part II" is complete and I am very excited to share it with you. It's a continuation of the collection of new songs and previously un-released material that explores hunger, desire, love, loss and life in the digital age. It’s my sincere desire that everyone will find something there that resonates. Again, I followed my original recipes but, also allowed myself to season and spice along the way until I got it just right for my taste. I followed no rules but one, try to create music that means something to me and hope that people enjoy it. So, Bon Appétit!
Please check out "Hunger Is Good Sauce Part I" here as well! You can listen to the albums in full by clicking the "Music" tab and purchase them by clicking the associated link tabs!

"Hunger Is Good Sauce Part II" is now available for download at CDBaby!! Just click the link and THANKS!
Pat McGuire: Hunger Is Good Sauce Part II
"Hunger Is Good Sauce Part I"


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